Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A sleepless night

Everyone has been telling me that I need to start a blog so they can keep up with my journey to Singapore and I decided I better start one here at home if I was ever going to start one. So here it is! My first post and my first blog. I've been trying to fall asleep for about two hours now so I decided that if I was going to be awake I might as well be productive. I wanted to start this blog for two reasons; one being that I want my friends to see my life in Singapore and get a taste of what I'm experiencing, and second, I have officially started writing a book and I am looking forward to blogging about it and getting some feed back and support. Many of you that know about me wanting to write a book keep asking what I'm going to write about. Ill let you know that I virtually have no idea what I'm writing about, but I'm just putting my heart to it and seeing what I can come up with. I know it will have  a lot of stories from my own life in it so it will be a great way for me to express myself and to share my lessons learned. As for now all I can say is that I have a lot on my mind tonight and I think I will be able to write quite a bit. Im also very excited to head to Singapore for 3 months and grow as an individual through experiences. I'm looking forward to seeing what this life has to offer me <3