Saturday, May 5, 2012

"All She Needs Is You"

She smiles to hide that she's unhappy, She does her makeup every morning to hide her emotional scars, She wears tall heels to feel noticed, She plays hard to get because she thinks that will give her worth, She pretends she's strong but cries from feeling weak, She holds on too tight because she is often alone, She calls too much to prove to herself that she has someone to rely on, She offers to talk out your problems just so she can forget her own. She has faults, everyone does. You get confused with what she needs and wants. You think it's difficult, but it's really simple.. All she needs and wants is you.. A man to make her smile unexpectedly, A man that loves her for her natural beauty, A man that stands tall and noticed next to her in a crowd, A man that will do anything to get her, A man that will wipe away her tears, A man that will hold her tight every night, A man that will call her unexpectedly to say I love you, And A man that will help her to forget all her problems. All she needs is you.