Friday, March 2, 2012


I have learned am amazing lesson over some period of time. Vision defines what life will create for us. If we envision what we want, we will see it come alive right before our eyes. I was told a story tonight about a girl who wanted to test this in a very simple way. She chose her favorite flower, a Calla Lilly. She began by placing the photo of a Calla Lilly on her mirror so she could see it every morning. Next she put it as her background on her phone and then placed another photo in her car. Every where she looked she saw a Calla Lilly, she was envisioning what she wanted to become present in her life. One day she was at her friends house and she noticed a beautiful vase of Calla Lillies peering at her from the kitchen table. She saw them but still knew she needed to keep it a vision and it would come to her without her having to take physical action. She was heading for the front door when she heard a quiet voice. She looked behind her and came to find her friends daughter holding a calla lilly in her hand and saying, "have a beautiful flower". Something so simple had come to her by just envisioning it. She was amazed at how this worked and she started to envision everything she wanted in her life. Everything she wanted was rephrased from I want this to I will have this. She stayed focused on envisioning her goals and she had success in every area that she had envisioned. Vision is everything. If you see it, you will believe it. Faith goes along with this, even though it seems contradictory.. with faith, you don't have to see it to believe it. To explain how this goes together is envisioning all things through faith. If you have faith that you can achieve something, then faith becomes vision and vision becomes success. It is a beautiful lesson that we can all apply to our lives. Envision your dreams, breathe them, see them, and you can live them..