Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The simplicities in life...

I'm sitting in Salt Lake Brewing Co. waiting on a friend and watching people come and go. Oh coffee shops you must do something to my head because I always have the best moments and writing epiphany's while sitting in such places. I see an old man come in wearing a raccoon hat and take a seat. I see a fragile lady vigorously typing away at her laptop and snatching a bite of her veggie sandwich. People come and go, orders come and go, cars come and go. It is such a busy life we are all living in. Clocks ticking, things moving, invisible molecules sifting through the air. Things moving at fast speeds and never stopping. I keep my eyes busy glancing here and there then I look to the ground and fix my eyes on something shiny so I lean down to get a better look. It's a penny faced heads up. I get super excited and think to myself, Oooh a lucky penny! I pick up the penny and slide it into a little pocket in my zebra striped planner that has sticky notes piled out the sides. I keep my mind on this little lucky penny, something that was probably so insignificant to someone in which case they probably carelessly tossed it on the floor, then here I am thinking its lucky and letting something simple make my day. This just reminds me of a quote I wrote once. It said, "happiness is made by the simplicities in life." The smiles of a stranger, the kiss on the forehead, the whisper in an ear, the flower peeking up between cracks in a sidewalk, the laugh of a child, and even the heads up penny on the floor of a coffee shop. I am so grateful that I can notice these simple moments, I find such happiness within them. If you're ever lacking happiness in your life, take a look around you and pause the busy movements of this world to find the simple joys. You will start to realize how happy you truly are..<3

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