Monday, April 30, 2012

When You're Patient, Everything Works Out

So I have an android phone and it's about a year old but two of the buttons have officially broken and it still works but using it everyday is just a pain. So in my attempt to get a new phone I searched on KSL for a temporary one until my phone can upgrade with T-mobile. So I found myself an older iPhone and decided to purchase it on a whim. I get it home and I'm trying to figure out how to work it as a jail broken phone. In my attempt to waiting for my phone to connect I got impatient and started pushing buttons on my iTunes and long story short.. the iPhone got stuck in a restore state that I cannot get it out of. So of course by this time I am quite frustrated and I was just ready to go to bed. I took a deep breath and just told myself to go to bed and come back to it the next day. After that I wasn't worried, I wasn't stressed, I was calm and collected. I woke up the next day and had a great workout, I got ready for work feeling great and ready to take on the day. I just plopped the iPhone in my purse and had a great day! It was hitting 5 O'clock when a good friend popped into the office. We started chatting and I felt prompted to ask him if he knew much about iPhone's. He didn't know how to fix my phone but in his attempt to figure it out he turned to me and said, "you know what? I have at least one older iPhone sitting at home that I would love to give you." I was so relieved and said thank you a thousand times! Looking back on this story, I realize that staying calm after everything happened and knowing in my heart that patience makes everything work out for the better, everything had worked out! This story has another lesson to it as well; what you give is what you get. If you are frustrated and negative about events that happen in life, it is more likely that you'll find negativity and frustration within results. But if you are positive and calm and happy, the results are usually far greater! I love the little lessons I learn each day! The simplest of things can have the greatest outcomes on life!

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