Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bucket List

I am a firm believer in following my dreams and living a full life. Im my journey of living my dreams I have slowly created a bucket list of the things I want to do before I pass on to the next life. Here is the beginning of my bucket list, the ones that say check have already been completed: -Go for a run on The Great Wall of China -Become a personal trainer -Watch the sunrise in New York and the sunset in Los Angeles on the same day -Become a photographer -Invite someone without a family to my families holiday dinner -Kiss under the mistletoe -Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome -Run through a field of sunflowers -Watch baby turtles hatch -Have a son -Go to the olympics -Go to Greece -Meet John Mayer -Spend the night in an igloo -Ride in a hot air balloon -Watch the sunset with someone I love -Throw someone a surprise party -Spend an entire day watching disney movies -Lay on my back and watch the clouds all day -Swim with dolphins -Go for a run in central park -Buy a homeless person a meal and hear their story -Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight -Dance with my dad at my wedding -Ride an elephant -Ride in a helicopter: CHECK.. I rode in one over the Oregon coast and it was amazing! -Find my soulmate -Build a treehouse -Learn how to surf -Ride first class: CHECK.. I rode first class on a flight from Georgia to Portland -Spend time volunteering in Africa -Give people a reason to remember my name -Go on a camping trip with all my friends -Own something from Tiffiany&CO. -Have a birthday party in Las Vegas -Walk the rad carpet -Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years: CHECK.. I just have to wait 9 more years to open it -Kiss someone I love on New Years -Go there and back again -Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle -Be a bridesmaid and a maid of honor -Own a pair of Louboutins -Backpack through Europe -Die with no regrets -Run a marathon -Adopt a child -Send a message in a bottle -See a tornado: CHECK.. I was 3 years old and we were living in Missouri -Make my best friends dreams come true -Have my own star -Save someone's life: CHECK.. I have saved 3 people from committing suicide. -Become an inspiration -Eat Chinese food in China: CHECK.. yeah it's better in America lol!! except the rice! -Set foot on all 7 continents -Be called Mommy -Have my own library in my house -Take a trapeze class -Have a summer romance: CHECK.. my first love ;) -Watch my children get married -Move to a different country -Ride a camel in Egypt -Be kissed unexpectedly -Change someone's life for the better -Pack everything up and get away: CHECK.. Singapore :) -write a book -Receive a promise ring -Let go of 100 balloons at once -Kiss underwater -Complete a whole journal -Find a four leaf clover -Tan on a nude beach -Have one secret that no one knows -Dance with my kids in the rain -Live fearlessly everyday. I have a very long list and as soon as I check one off I try to add another! All I can say is watch out world, because this will be a good life!

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