Sunday, December 18, 2011

Learning to Swim..

"At times life may toss us into the sea, but it is up to us if we sink, or learn to swim."
   It was a gorgeous stormy morning in Singapore today! Being Sunday I don't have to nanny so I have the day to myself. I wanted to spend my day writing as much as I could, because the last week and a half has been spent getting settled here. I dropped the kids off at their church service around 7:30AM and I had 6 full hours to myself. I was in the heart of the town so I could have gone wherever I wanted, but I looked out the windows and it was pouring rain. I looked across the way and the first thing I saw was a cozy starbucks and some big comfy chairs. My first thought was, "Oh yes something I'm familiar with!" Sometimes it is nice to feel at home once in a while. I walked inside and the smell was just as if I was back home! The first thing I noticed was the glass case of goodies. There were the usual Chinese snacks like potato curry puffs, and fishy stuff, but I looked up to see a fluffy, thick bagel! The only carbs I've had these last 2 weeks have been from rice, so I was thinking bring on the bagel! I sat down in a big comfy chair with my perfectly toasted bagel and phillidelphia cream cheese and a hot drink (not to mention it was about a 12 dollar meal haha). I pulled out my laptop, my journal, and my iPod. This is danger zone for a good writing session! I sat down and wrote and wrote and wrote! I had about 5 different pages open of my book and my journal combined. I looked at the time and 3 hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I couldn't believe how time had passed and somehow within it all, my drink and bagel were gone. But I was still hungry, hungry for words and thoughts. I glanced out the window as I noticed a flash of lighting. I heard the door rush open and I got a whiff of the exotic rain. Then and there I read over my notes and I saw, "At times life may toss us into the sea, but it is up to us if we sink, or learn to swim." It's funny because so many times during my writing sessions I am unaware consciously of what I am saying because it is usually just pouring from my heart. It is very important for me to go back and really ponder things that I say. So I read that quote again and again and it really spoke to me (gotta love that I'm learning from my own words haha). I am here in this strange place, and I have gone through a lot of trials the last couple years. Life has definitely thrown me into the sea in many different areas of my life, and on some days, every area of my life. It was such an amazing moment for me to look back and notice that I have indeed learned to swim, and I'm getting stronger, and eventually I will reach the shore, but until then, I will continue to swim and endure the sea. That is the only way I can become strong enough to reach the shore. This quote reflects directly to our life. We are sent trials to make us stronger. That strength and knowledge we gain here on this earth is all that we can take with us when we pass on to the next life. So indeed, we must find strength in our trials, and enjoy every minute of life. Some sea's are cold and dark, but some are bright blue and warm. It's your choice of how you interoperate the sea in your life, and it's your choice to sink or swim..

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