Thursday, January 26, 2012

When You Wish Upon a Star

It’s 4am. I’m sitting here on a plane in the middle of China as I look around me and see everyone sound asleep. The plane is dark and I feel restless. I lay down my head and slide open the window shade. I look out and see every single star in the night sky. The sky is rich and dark in color with a slight hint of orange. I gaze out at the stars and their spectacular brightness and beauty. I glance to the right and see a breathtaking view of a star shooting up across the sky in a color of blue and white. It looked like a crystal piercing the sky. I closed my eyes really tight and made a wish. Of course I cannot tell you my wish or else it won't come true, or so they say. When I opened my eyes I got a rush of gratefulness for this time in my life. I am grateful for little spectacular events that God grants us to send a smile or a warmth to our heart. Being above a strange country by myself was a little scary and discomforting but I find faith that God sends angels no matter where we are. We are all his children and he has a plan for all of us whether we are in China, America, Africa, or anywhere else. Another comforting feeling was the beauty that surrounded me no matter where I was. I've always been one to try to find the beauty in all the moments of my life but how beautiful was this particular night in the sky above China. My heart has been filled with joy and experience. I am forever grateful for this simply spectacular moment I had on a plane in the China sky..

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